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Clever Internet Suite Tips and Tricks, Code Samples

Clever Internet Suite examples

Now, more than ten years on the market, the Clever Internet Suite got lots of feedback and usage experience. Our customers asked us about code samples, demos and "How To" code snippets. To summarize the experience, we decided to publish the most commonly asked samples and code snippets in our Knowledge Base.

This article represents a list of recently added samples with short comments and downloading links. This list will be periodically updated, new items will be added. Please stay tuned to new samples and use cases of Internet Components – Clever Internet Suite library.

C# / VB.NET Samples


Delphi / C++Builder Samples

  Name   Description
  Send email with an Office365 account This sample connects to the smtp.office365.com host via the STARTTLS command, composes a sample mail message and sends it.
  Build DNS server response on the fly based on the name submitted This sample represents a DNS server that responds with an in-memory list of IPs based on the name submitted.
  Send mail with German Umlauts This sample demonstrates how to set up the TclMailMessage component correctly for transferring German Umlauts and other UTF-8 characters.
  Parse XML, elements, attributes The sample parses an XML document that is provided within Delphi string list, extracts all tags, tag attributes and included data.
 Get host ip address behind load balancer using proxy protocol The PROXY protocol provides a convenient way to safely transport connection information such as a client's address across multiple layers of NAT, TCP proxies or load balancers. The described code parses this information and removes the proxy header packet from the data stream. The example program utilizes the IMAP server component behind an Amazon load balancer (ELB).
 Check if PC is connected to the Internet Checks the Internet connected state and tries to access the specified web resource by using of the system connection settings: proxy, socks, etc.
 Get IE proxy settings for the Http client component The sample program sets the system IE proxy settings to the Http client component, including Http, Https and Socks.
 Convert RSA Public Key to X509 Subject Key Info format There are two simple functions that convert RSA Public Key format to X509 Subject Key Info format in base64 and PEM representation.
 Usage of simple HTTP Server component in blocking mode The Clever Internet Suite library provides a special TclSimpleHttpServer component that works in single-threaded blocking mode.
 How to Post JSON data If you need to submit data in JSON format, you can use the following two components: TclHttp and TclHttpRequest.
 Console FTP client The program represents fully functional command-line FTP client.
 Copy TWebBrowser cookies to TclHttp The samples opens the TWebBrowser, navigates to a website, copies the website cookies to the TclHttp and finally runs the TclHttp downloading.
 Get the complete FTP directory tree The sample connects to an FTP server and gets the complete FTP directory tree recursively.
 Parse inner HTML The sample runs the TclHtmlParser component and extracts inner HTML from specific tags.
 Ping client The sample represents simple ICMP client with Ping functionality.
 Asynchronous HTTP download Download URLs asynchronously in multiple threads from thread pool.
 Asynchronous SSL client / server The client connects to the server via SSL and sends/receives data. The server accepts data from the client and also allows you to send non-requested data to connected clients.
 Check Internet connected state Retrieves the connected state of the local system.
 Custom TCP client / server TCP client and multi-threaded TCP server that allows to send/receive multiple text lines and also send/receive binary data. 
 E-mail replying / forwarding The sample can receive E-mail messages, forward or reply to selected message.
 Get CSP Information Gets an information about installed Cryptographyc Service Providers.
 Get IE proxy settings Get the default Internet Explorer proxy settings.
 HTML parser for Firemonkey The sample parses HTML tags by using of TclHtmlParser component in Firemonkey.
 Multithreaded Mail Sender Loads E-mails from a database and sends it asynchronously in a thread pool.
 Parse HTML table text This sample parses HTML source, extracts tables and displays table cell text.
 SSL client / server There are two programs that implement both simple TCP client and TCP server with SSL/TLS encryption.
 TCP client / server connection The client creates a connection and sends data. The server accepts data and returns it to the client.
 Wake up on LAN Allows a computer to be turned on or awakened by a network message.


C# / VB.NET Samples

  Name   Description
  Sending Emails using GMail in C# This sample connects to the GMail mailbox via the SMTP protocol, composes a sample mail message and sends it.
  Reading Emails using GMail in C# The sample connects to the GMail mailbox via the IMAP4 protocol, lists folders and reads Emails.
  OAuth Authorization using GMail in C# The example connects to Google Account via the OAUTH protocol, obtains an authorization token and uses it for sending Email.
 Display HTML mail The sample retrieves a POP3 email message and displays the HTML content in a WebBrowser class.
 Console HTTP client Is a simple HTTP client that allows you to download text or HTML content and output it to the console window.
 Custom TCP client / server Fully functional TCP client and multi-threaded TCP server.
 Enumerate Network adapters Gets the IP addresses of Network interfaces on multi-homed PC.
 Mail Sending Queue The sample watches the specified directory for new mail messages, loads it and relays to recipients.
 TCP client /server connection There are two samples. The client creates a connection and sends data. The server accepts data and returns it to the client.
 Wake up on LAN for C# Allows a computer to be turned on or awakened by a network message.


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